Clash of Clans is an online multiplayer game which has the players building up a community and train troops to attack other players to get rewards in gold and elixir and dark elixir. This rewards and can be further used to build better defenses that will protect the player from the attacks initiated by other online player.

The rewards can also be used to train the troops and an upgrade of troops can be initiated with the use of the rewards earned. Clash of clans is free to play and has a good level of integration for Android as well as IOS operating systems. Stabilized version of clash of clans was first introduced for iOS operating platforms initially and later Android version of clash of clans was introduced.

Clash of Clans hackThe Clash of Clans is a strategy video game having good stability for mobiles and tablets of different sizes. Basically the core of the Clash of Clans revolves around strategy on how to be the player with the maximum trophies. This process can be obtained either by attacking some other players village successfully or defend the village and the troops created by the player from another online player attack.

Clash of Clans is described by many as a power house as far as the design and the challenges it throws at the players are concerned.

Clash of Clans hack does not only teach its users to attack it is so well designed that it is just gives the online player the strategy to build a village or fort like structure to defend oneself from attackers.
Community artwork is given lot of importance in Clash of Clans and can be very helpful to learn the skills. Clash of Clans is developed by super cell as a developer and publisher and is very famous worldwide for being a good strategy game.

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seo conferenceWhatever might be the content of the website the site speed is its silver bullet according to many speakers at the recent Search Engine Optimization conference held to focus on the web Optimization. Web Optimization directly affects the conversion rate Optimization. Optimized web results in good customer experience and satisfaction. An enhanced web performance results in increasing organic traffic for the most competitive keywords. It also increases overall competitiveness. Operational costs are greatly reduced because of the optimized web.

Some speakers also put up the various data charts that suggest that for1% Google users, speed as an organic search ranking factor for the top 1% of competitive queries. Customers or at least majority of them expect the website to be loaded in 2 seconds or less time. More than 40% of customers are abandoning any site that that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Even the Fortune 500 company website takes at least 7 seconds to load. For each and every second more of loading the website the conversion drops by a staggering 7%. Hence faster site increases the productivity by 50% and reduces the cost of infrastructure by similar number.

The best way to gain optimization of the website is to study and learn from the best available websites. Free tools take the developer a long way in understanding the concept of optimized website. Setting up for future header helps with faster reload of static page objects and components by caching them. This principle can be adopted against all content types. Not allowing parallel import of downloading on the set website also increases speed by great degree. Avoiding redirecting in the website also cuts down on the wait time for users by avoiding an entire request response cycle and the inbuilt latency that comes with it. Reducing total http request also greatly improved site performance.

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It has become a very controversial topic in the blogging world which has made people questions the authenticity of many bloggers in the social media network. These bloggers on the social media are like critiques and reference points for many people who look for suggestions and recommendations. Letting yourself naturally grow in the social network works like a charm for many bloggers but there are other ways for people especially bloggers on social networking websites to suddenly gain thousands of followers overnight.

buy active instagram followersAccording to renowned bloggers, when they first heard about the talk of buying oneself followers, comments and likes on websites like Instagram and others, they at the first moment questioned the notion of authenticity. If by any chance it was to be leaked that someone has gained popularity by utilising options to buy real active instagram followers on Instagram and other websites, then their credibility will be zero instantly. These are the risks to the reputation of the people who seemingly are seduced by the idea of buying Instagram followers and likes in order to get that recognition and traffic. Many bloggers consider this against the rules and “cheating” but many websites who offer this services consider it as a jump start or “investment” in order to get themselves out there and get noticed.

It is a very easy task to get these Instagram followers and likes. You can take many packages and discount from websites who offer these services and can get instant results. For example, instead of buying Instagram followers you can an also buy a good number of likes and choose the photo for which you want the likes to be submitted to. you will immediately see your likes growing and in no time your picture will get noticed by many.

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Want to look your best in a wedding, a family function, an official party or simply for a casual outing with friends, and then probably you would like to flaunt a beautiful face with sharp features. So, do you think a simple clean up and make up will be enough? The answer is a big no, the reason to it is simple, that is; a gorgeous and glowing face is not absolutely complete without cautiously shaped and arched eyebrows along with deep, thick and full eyelashes. Poor diet, stress and ageing sometimes lead to thinning of eyebrows and eyelashes which is not a good sign and leaves you embarrassed at special occasions or any social gathering.

castor oil12

Now here is a perfect and reliable solution for your problem that is black castor oil for eyelashes. There are many temporary solutions such as false eyelashes, mascaras, eyebrow pencils, curlers to name a few but these are just speedy fixes and an everlasting way out for your thinning eye lashes and eyebrows. Castor is definitely a wonder oil that provides you healthy and fully shaped eye lashes with deep color and thickness which you can shape according to your own personal choice of preference. Use of heavy cosmetics leads to fragile and brittle eyelashes hat easily break and become thin. Castor oil usage will help you in regaining your deep eyelashes and will make hem strong enough to resist heavy make-up and not break easily.

Tips to use Castor oil for Eyelashes

  • Cleanse your face and the portion of your eyelashes with water and allow it to dry.
  • Reach out for a clean mascara wand and dip it into the bottle of castor oil and leave the excess oil.
  • Initially, beginning with the inner corner of the eye, cover your eyelashes with oil from root to the tip. Until your eyelashes are fully coated, move along the same and repeat the practice if required.
  • Remove any excess oil from your eyelashes with the help of a cotton piece.
  • You need to leave the oil all night and rinse it off the next morning.

Follow the above steps to get beautiful thick eyeless with the application of black castor oil for eyelashes and enhance the overall beauty of your face.


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2017 toyota prius

Are you looking  for the best car models? If you are then you must be one who is willing to search every corner to get one. It is amazing to have some of the best car models like the 2017 toyota prius.  The world has changed a lot and while others are looking for affordable cars others are looking for the best car models no matter the cost. You see, in many parts of the world a car is a symbol of class and that is why we have a big group of persons who are so keen about the kind of cars that they drive. If you are looking for the best car model ,then here are some of the factors that you need to consider.

Fuel consumption

There is a price that is tied to car fuel and therefore when looking for the best car models like a 2017 toyota  prius, you need to consider its fuel consumption. It is good to have the latest car model, but you also need to consider what you are able to afford. Of what use will it be to you if you have the latest car model that you are unable to afford when it comes to fuel consumption? Always find out if the car you are about to buy is a gazzler or has an affordable fuel consumption rate. We are all in different classes. There are people who are able to afford fuel  gazzlers and there are those who find it even harder to maintain average cars.

Spare parts

There are no cars that are too strong that they are not subject to any wear and tear. Cars break down and its not only because of accidents. At one point it could be car tires and another it could be side mirrors. It is important to find out if the spare  parts are available,

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HDB interior design team have a clear cut road map when it comes to taking up work and executing it to perfection to satisfy the client who has hired them. The primary step is interacting with the customer in right earnest about the problems that the proposed workplace and the demands of the customers as part of the change or makeover with  interior design and then suggest suitable remedies and designs to be executed to achieve the ultimate objective.

After the initial assessment comes the planning stage wherein well crafted and analyzed drawings of the proposed work with enough clarity in every detail to be presented to the customer for study and later acceptance with changes if any in some cases.

interior designerThe next stage involves the sourcing of the various ranges of items that have been suggested including the furniture and other household items. This stage acts as the actual trigger when it comes to the makeover since it gets the customer as well as the interior designers to change the concept or make suitable changes to it as deemed necessary.

The next stage involves the renovation work if any to be undertaken and completed. Here the customer friendly driven and organized team of HDB interior designers plays a vital role in doing the appropriate renovation work as well as report the progress to the customer on a weekly basis.

After the renovation work is the final stage of completion of leftover work or the final makeover. Before this the HDB interior designers always arrange for a walk through inspection of the customer to capture or identify defects if any and apply suitable remedial measures. Rectifications of defects do not take much time and finally the interior perfect site is handed over to the customer.

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Free SMS app is being used by lot of users via Android mobile phones because a person only requires an internet connection for it. But, here you can come to know about the method of sending free SMS from your computer.

pc to mobile

Let’s have a glance at the features of this app for PC:

You do not have to pay anything to get SMS packs as they are available for free.

You can send SMS via Android phones for free!

The app of Free SMS India can be used on Android phone for free through which you can send free SMS to anyone around India. The user interface of this app is so simple that even a kid can operate it.

Only a working GPRS connection is required for it. Only a few Kb of data will be used to optimize the application. Following service providers have become the gateway for Free SMS India app:

  • Way2SMS
  • FullonSMS
  • 160by2
  • SMS440
  • IndyaRocks
  • YouMint
  • Ultoo
  • FreeSMS8

So, if you are waiting to install this SMS app on your PC then, follow the steps for installation on your Windows or Mac PC.

An Android emulator is required to be installed on your PC prior to installing Free SMS app. The BlueStacks Android emulator will be suitable enough to download and run.

Steps to download and run BlueStacks on PC:

  1. Visit
  2. Download> BlueStacks
  3. Double click> .exe file> follow instructions

Once it is been installed on your PC or laptop, you can install Free SMS app.

Steps to download and run free SMS app on PC:

  1. Open BlueStacks> free SMS app> messenger.
  2. Click> free SMS app
  3. Free SMS app will be downloaded and installed.

Now you can freely use this app on your computer or on your Mac and send free SMS.

You can give your feedback and reviews about using free SMS app.

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Relation of Diagnosis and Brain Injury Treatment

The brain injury diagnosis includes many things like magnetic resonance imaging, computer assisted tomography scans, simple tests, x-rays, etc. for measuring movement, person’s speech, memory, etc. The neurologists, emergency room doctors and neuropsychologists diagnose a brain injury of a patient. The proper course of brain injury treatment is determined when the tests are used for diagnosing an injury. Usually medicines and surgical methods are used more for treatment. Treatment directly focuses on lost abilities of a patient, once the patient becomes stable. Brain injury treatment is a very complex task as there is no guarantee that the patient will live for longer period in case of severe injury. For this injurious treatment, it involves psychiatrists, neurologists, physiatrists, case managers, therapists, etc.


Sometimes the doctor prescribes to have medication as brain injury patients can have seizures. Both types of injuries like mild and severe can involve medication. The reason to do a medication is some patients have injured tissue of the brain which can swell and can lead to more complications and hence, doctors forcefully send the brain injury patients for medication. The different types of medications are diuretics, anticonvulsants, barbiturates, ventricular drain, ventilator, etc. These all medications are used for different kind of difficulties which arise during brain injury.

Another Kind of Brain Injury Treatment

The other kind of brain injury treatment is doing therapy. Some patients forget how to walk and talk and need to relearn all the main skills and for this kind of patient, therapy is needed. However, there are various types of therapy for severe and mild brain injury. If the skull is fractured, therapy is required. Hence, it is checked what part of the brain is injured and then, surgery is done. If there is mild injury, some of the home treatment options can cure the injury. However, during treatment it is necessary to take complete bed rest without doing any heavy work as the injury may increase.

Aim of Brain Injury Treatment

The main aim of brain injury treatment is to cure the injury caused to the brain, stop bleeding, removing blood clots, pressure control, preventing pressure within the skull, sustaining ample flow of blood to the brain, etc. The treatment differs according to the type of injury a patient has. However, there are some common treatments which are used for both mild and severe brain injuries. The first common treatment given to patients is positioning the bed and keeping the neck straight as this will decrease the intracranial pressure and allows to drain the cerebro-spinal fluid from the brain. It is necessary to strictly follow it unless and until the nurse give permission to change the position of the head of the bed. Another brain injury treatment is restricting fluids as it will reduce the swelling in the brain. When nurse allows to give fluid then, patient can take fluid after the swelling is completely gone from the brain.

Different Types of Surgeries during Brain Injury Treatment

There are different types of surgeries done during brain injury treatment. The surgeries are burr holes, craniotomy and bone flap removal. This surgery is normally done when there is fracture in a skull or it is a severe brain injury. Burr holes are done to take out the blood clots and so a small hole is made in the skull. Craniotomy is done to relieve from the pressure and in bone flap removal, a small bone is taken out from the skull.


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However, when this mechanism does not work, Kidney stones are formed. They are formed when the deposits of calcium and acid salts, other waste material and dead cells aggregate and form a mass. This mass then lodges itself in urinary tract. Most common composition if the stone is a combination of Calcium and a phosphate or oxalate.

The kidney stone patients show no symptoms, in the initial stages of the condition. The ailment starts with the miniscule crystals starting to form. These are tiny enough for the body to excrete through urine, so that they are not even noticed. However, as the stone becomes sizable, it cannot travel through the urinary tract easily and does not get excreted through urine. The kidney stone symptoms are felt as abdominal pains, vomiting and nausea. However, since the stone is lodged in the kidneys or in the urinary tract, the symptoms are most pronounced on the urinary tract. The pain need not necessarily be in the area that the stone has lodged itself.

The women who suffer from kidney stones suffer from very painful abdominal pain during menstruation and may persist even after it. The cause of this could be serious infection of urinary tract. Another reason for this ailment in women is that most women especially after their pregnancy start taking calcium supplements. It is important to consult a physician before starting on the calcium supplements. If needed, natural sources of calcium should be preferred first.

Effects of ailment on Urinary tract

Kidney Stone symptoms show as changed colour of urine. The patient passes pinkish urine, which is urine with traces of blood in it. This happens as the body is trying to push the stone out, but cannot do so because of the size of the stone is bigger than what can be accommodated in the tract.

As time progresses, there is a constant urge to urinate. Urine may be cloudy and emanate bad odour. These kidney stone symptoms combined with chills and fever, is indicative of urinary tract infection. Even after it is treated, the infection may recur till the kidney stones are treated. A kidney stone patient is prone to constant infections and inflammation of the urinary tract.

Abdominal Pains

The Kidney Stone symptoms start with a dull pain and general discomfort in the abdomen. Unless treated immediately, the pain spreads to the lower abdomen and the groin area and then it can be excruciating painful. The patient may double up in pain. The pain gets worse with movement of the body. Ureter is a set of hollow tubes through which the urine passes. If the stone is lodged it, the pain is a pulsating and is intolerable. It is the highest intensity of pain that a person can feel, and may cause the patient to pass out.

Other Kidney Stone symptoms

Other Kidney Stone symptoms are nausea and vomiting, as will happen when the body is trying but is not able to excrete waste material. The patient sweats profusely at all times and feels dullness and tires easily.

Prevention better than cure

Kidney Stone symptoms in the early stages are not pronounced and hence early detection of kidney stones is very difficult if not impossible. Also as the pain starts as general discomfort that is often dismissed as a temporary ailment like gases or indigestion. This ailment is completely preventable and it is important to drink plenty of fluids and follow a healthy lifestyle so that kidney stones are not formed. Kidney stones may be fatal unless treated in time. It is very important that at the first instance of discomfort, the patient must consult a physician.

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Generally, urine has some chemicals which prevent the formation of crystals. These chemicals do not work in every individual’s body, thus some people get stones. The extent of the kidney stones depends on their size. If the crystals are small or tiny, they will pass through urinary tract and get eliminated out of the body with urine.

Kidney stones have combination of various chemicals. The majority of the stones contain calcium along with either phosphate or oxalate. These chemicals or inhibitors are included in the normal diet of the person and forms various vital body parts such as muscles and bones. Very often the stones are caused due to the infection or some problem in the urinary tract. This condition of kidney stone is called as infection stone or struvite. Uric acid stones are also observed in some cases but cystine stones are very rarely found. The condition in which stones that takes place in urinary tract is called as Urolithiasis. Most often used terms are nephrolithiasis and urinary tract stones. To make it simple, kidney stone is the term which is used commonly.

Kidney stones symptoms:

Kidney stones symptoms are not found usually. However, the first remarkable symptom of kidney stone is unbearable pain. Pain begins when the stones travel to the urinary tract and blocks the urine flow. Typically, an individual feel a cramp at the back side of the kidney or at the lower abdomen region. Vomiting and nausea are the common kidney stones symptoms. Later, pain could be felt in the groin.

If the size of the stone is large to pass, pain increases because the muscles of the ureter keep on trying to press the stone inside the bladder. When the stone moves in the upward direction, body pushes it down due to which blood appears in the urine and pink colored urine is observed. As the stones goes in the downward direction near the bladder, an individual may feel like urinating often or burning sensation can occur while urination.

If chills and fever is occurred along with these symptoms, this is an indication of an infection. At this time one should visit a doctor immediately.

Diagnosis of the kidney stones:

Some “silent stones” are observed during general routine tests; they do not show any symptoms but are found on x-ray. Small sized stones can pass through urine unnoticed. When any individual complains about the blood in urine or extreme pain, he/she is allowed to have an ultrasound or x-ray test. With the help of such diagnosis doctor will get the enough information related to size and position of the stone. CT scan or IVP tests are also performed for the determination of proper kidney stones treatment.

Treatment for kidney stones:

Kidney stones treatment does not require surgery. With the plenty of water, most of the stones pass easily through urine. During this process one can also stay at home. Drinking fluids with appropriate medication for pain is needed. Usually passed stones in the urine are stored for the further tests.

Doctors generally recommend medications that prevent uric acid and calcium stones. These medicines help in balancing the concentration of alkali or acid in the urine which are considered as key factors for the formation of crystals. Allopurinol named medicine is useful in cases of hyperuricosuria. With certain diuretics like hydrochlorothiazide calcium stones can be prevented. Consumption of these medicines declines the concentration of released calcium in the urine by the kidneys. They are the best when sodium consumption is low.

Patients suffering from hypercalciuria are provided with the sodium cellulose phosphate, which helps in binding calcium and stops from releasing into urine. If cystine stones are not controlled by having more fluids, proper medicines should be taken as Cuprimine and Thiola with the permission of the doctor. It helps in reducing the amount of cystine into the urine. If you want to remove the struvite stones totally, then it is necessary to keep urine bacteria free which can lead to infection. Thus it is required to check the patient’s urine to ensure the bacteria free urine. Kidney stones treatment is most important to get rid of the disease.


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